The difference between term_id and term_taxonomy_id

The Codex says:

  • term_id is the ID of a term in the terms table
  • term_taxonomy_id is a unique ID for the term+taxonomy pair

What does this mean?

A term is a word. It can belong to a taxonomy, such as tags, categories, or a custom taxonomy. The thing is: there can be several taxonomies containing the same term.

Let’s say you have a term called “fattening“. This word has an id number. This is the term_id. It doesn’t depend on how this word is used, i.e. in which taxonomies the term appears.

Now the word “fattening” as a post tag also has a number. This is the term_taxonomy_id. It corresponds to “the post tag ‘fattening’“.

Maybe you also have a category called “fattening”. While the term_id is the same, the term_taxonomy_id for “the category ‘fattening’” is different.

Got it? Simple. Or maybe not. That’s the way it is, anyway.

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One thought on “The difference between term_id and term_taxonomy_id

  1. Dan Jones says:

    This is not true, at least not anymore.

    If you have two terms in different taxonomies with the same name, they will have different term_ids.

    Both term_id and term_taxonomy_id are unique for each term/taxonomy pair, since each term (in each taxonomy) has a separate row in the terms table.

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