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The Easy Upload Renamer got updated: now in Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Finnish

The Easy Upload Renamer plugin The Easy Upload Renamer Plugin for WordPress got just updated to version 2.2.0. What’s new? Support for localization, included translations in Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Finnish, and a cleaner settings screen (see screenshow below).

I’m excited about the amount of downloads my little tool has received in the past couple of years. Check out the complete list of features over at CodeCanyon!

Easy Upload Renamer settings screenshot

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Conditional activation for plugins

In this post, I present a simple way to check for things on the server before allowing a plugin to be activated.

The users are pesky. They try to do things that the programmer cannot foresee. They happily install plugins without reading the readme files or the instructions. Then they complain, they downvote, they critizice. If only there was a way to check for these things: is the user running the plugin under the correct WordPress version, or if the necessary dependendencies are installed, or if PHP was compiled with such-and-such extensions. Then we’d let the user know about all this at the plugin activation time. What if this ability was coded as an easy-to-add drop-in class, instead of bloating existing plugin code? I couldn’t find it, so I made it, and now I’m sharing it with you. Continue reading

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Easy Upload Renamer got updated

The Easy Upload Renamer pluginMy Easy Upload Renamer plugin got an update today: Thanks to a user request, I added the functionality to include or exclude post types from its renaming functionality. The current version is 2.1.0.

The plugin renames your media files on the fly as you upload them, making the filename match the post or page title. It also adds a some text of your choice, puts numbers, rewrites the attachment “title” attribute smartly, and it’s both extremely flexible and totally transparent to the user. Great for SEO and just for keeping things organized. Have a look here!

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WordPress is GPL, must your plugin be as well?

Some people insist that since WordPress is released under the GNU Public Licence (GPL), its plugins must be also be licensed under the GPL since they are “derivative works”. I think this is not true, and represents a wish rather than a fact. In this post, I explain why you’re not required to release your WordPress plugin under the GPL if you don’t want to. Continue reading

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